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Full lace – is a prosthesis made wire to wire and m whole area of the head of the customer and made of a super-screen thin (lace call) and hence the full lace should be made to the customer’s head measures and should be glued with a glue suitable. We offer full laces ready for sale but before you buy it is important that you know the measurements of full lace scales of measurement and compare with your measurements before you buy. The measurements need not be exactly the same, can be up to 2 cm higher or lower by that should be taken into account the volume of your natural hair (if volume). The first thing you need to have purchasing a full lace is the rhythm measurements:


  1. With your natural hair pulled back, take a tape measure and pass around your head. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper followed by the number. Ex, 1-57cm
  2. With the tape measure from nape to where the wires begins to rise from your head, Ex: 2-37cm
  3. With the tape measure, measure the ear start to the beginning of the other ear passing over the area near where the brow starts. Ex 3: 28cm
  4. With the tape measure from the ear beginning near the birth of the strands of her hair until the beginning of another chop at the other end. Go right in the center of his head, careful not to pierce the remaining pie tape Ex: 4-32cm
  5. With the tape, go from the chop first, near brow (but always respecting the area where your baby hairs start) going from one extreme to another. Ex: 5: 23c
  6. With the tape measure, measure the area of the neck where u have hair … Ex: 6: 8cm



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