The Mission

Personal style is first imagined, then actualized when you discover the right mix that accentuates your natural features. It’s finding the cherry on top that best says, “ this is who I am” . In this business, the time afforded us as stylist and designers to grow with clients, is a luxury that can’t be taken for granted .

In creating that quintessential look we’re driven to keep innovating. We strive to offer our clients the best options, ranging from classic beauty or keeping them ahead of the style curve. What’s old is new, we embrace the best of the past while looking forward to the future in hair and beauty products and services.

Seeing the smiles on the faces of my clients, after their application is done, is what keeps me going. They’re all beautiful. We’re all beautiful, it just needs to be realized.


As is her nature, while learning and building her skills, she ventured immediately into practical application applying her talents in the field while still in school. It came naturally and she outgrew the small salon in 3 years, while building a large loyal client base.
KeKe Hair studio was founded in 2010  and was quickly known for specializing in creating second to none personal wigs and weaves. Now 10 years in business Keisha spends much of her time travelling around the globe sourcing out the best products and developing new techniques.


As the business evolved Keisha discovered many customers came to her for more personal reasons. Helping to lift the spirits of people suffering from Cancer, Alopecia, Eczema and Dermatitis became one of her personal goals.


Aware of her client’s level of comfort, house calls and private sessions were added as a part of her repertoire.


The ability to cut, color and style coupled with her extensive knowledge of the texture and the manipulation of hair, gave her the edge that’s made her a blossoming industry leader. Clients appreciated the natural look she was able to achieve, personalizing their desired look without limitations.
The smiles became priceless and part of the driving force behind opening up her flagship salon in Toronto’s thriving Avenue road district. Her current private studio location is located on Queensway in Toronto’s west end. Getting an appointment can take up to 3 to 4 weeks wait at the quaint boutique .


Her client list includes young tastemakers, celebrities, and those who yearn to add variety to their style.